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History has shown us that the South is generally overlooked when it comes to choosing the President of the United States. States with smaller populations and scattered election dates have caused the South to be pushed aside for states and regions with a larger concentration of delegates.

To remedy this “Southern neglect”, Secretaries of State, led by Brian Kemp of Georgia, banded together to move the primary election dates of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia to March 1, 2016 (with Louisiana just a few days later).

The formation of an “SEC Primary” creates a region in which candidates must invest their time, energy and money or take a massive hit on the road to the Whitehouse.

The 1,010 delegates from these states will be up for grabs as an army of candidates marches through the South to claim the right to represent their party in the November General Election.

SECPrimary.com will provide you with an avalanche of information on the “SEC” states and each candidate as they fight for the right to lead the free world.